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Product name: perforated corrugated pipe with sock/seepage pipe/weeping tile

Quantity: 50000 meters

Deliver to: Indonesia

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Product Features

Main material: HDPE
seepage pipe, also known as filter tube, drain pipe, soft perforated corrugated pipe, row of alkali pipe, drainage pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to form other additives and the appearance of a new type of corrugated seepage Plastic pipe, seepage pipe is through the groove in the hole, the tube around the outsourced processing of acupuncture and geotextile processing.

Product Usage:
1. Highway longitudinal, horizontal drainage and permeable;
2. Expressway all kinds of archway wall and the back of the vertical ditch, horizontal drainage;
3. Drainage of tunnels and underground roads;
4. Municipal engineering, water purification plants, sewage plants, garbage dumps and other water supply and drainage;
5. Drainage of golf course, golf course, park and other recreational green space;
6. Slope development of slope soil and water conservation;
7. Offshore drainage and drainage of land preparation works in the sea area;
8. For the communication, telecommunications, cable laying;

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