HDPE double wall corrugated pipe can be transported by various means of transport.

Transport, loading and unloading process, do not allow throwing throw, impact, heavy pressure, prolonged exposure or near heat. Do not allow mixed with toxic and hazardous substances. A perforated perforated tube can not be transported flat.
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe connection technology in the continuous use of gradually mature, and its hot melt connection includes the following three methods:

♦ 1. Molten interface
Fused connection is generally used in the installation site constraints, can not be implemented hot melt convergence of the premises. The same thermoplastic pipe connection, the insertion of a special welded pipe fittings, by the fused connection device to the electric fuse fittings power, relying on the electrofusion pipe within the pre-embedded resistance wire generated by the heat required for welding, after cooling the pipe and the fuse Even as a whole. The characteristics of convergence is the convergence of convergence, fast, good quality joints, external elements disturb small.

♦ 2. Socket-type hot melt convergence
For the progress of supporting the use of convergence pressure, can also be used in the socket part of the casing, plug-in hot-melt connection is the pipe into the end and socket-side heat from the soft, the agile piercing, cooling can be achieved Contrast the strong link.

♦ 3. Direct hot melt connection: the pipe fittings connected parts of the heating, directly to its hot melt convergence.


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