Paiputech is challenging for many worldwide companies. Today, globalization and integration of international economies have become part of our daily life. This integration creates not only enormous business opportunities but also greater challenges for various organizations. World enterprises are now focusing on China, as it is a huge market, a worldwide production base and a powerful engine to generate global economic growing.

Paiputech is a team leader of a wide range of qualified manufacturers which is called Changzhou Paipu Technology Co., Ltd. It chains up dozens of top-level manufacturing enterprises involved in many products: from various plastic pipe and fittings to mechanical parts.

Paiputech devotes professional services to the companies who are interested in pursuing global sourcing strategy in China, meeting the needs of reducing costs, delivery on time and continuously improving quality.

Yes, Paiputech fully understands your thoughtfulness and concerns. We are here for you, with enthusiasm and confidence, to achieve your goal and realize your mission!

Our Mission

Lower your sourcing or outsourcing costs and directly translate savings into your bottom line growth.

Secure qualified suppliers to customize products and services for you.
Pro-actively involve products design and quality control of production.
100% on-time-delivery in accordance with client’s schedules.
Contribute our expertise of the Chinese market and our supplier chains to achieve your global strategies.

Build constructive commercial relationship through collaboration and teamwork.

Our Strength

Strong allied manufacturers along the developed coastal areas in China.
Customized products and services to meet your needs.
Extensive knowledge of the Chinese and international markets.
Extending your global reach with minimum cost.
Quality assurance of products and services provided as agreed.
Although the least thing you can expect is to reduce your sourcing cost, Paiputech can offer much more than that. We can support you with the followings: developing your sourcing strategies, market entry strategies, product and service strategies, undertaking manufacturer research, quality control, process improvement, and on time delivery of your requested products and services.
In all, we strive to do the best to satisfy you.