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we are challenging, but if with the professional sourcing specialist to get the right service, it isn’t. We are right here for you to excel and to achieve immediately results. We can offer the services you need, that is, the Value Added Services.

♦ Product Development
– Professional support and management for the success of the project
♦ Quality Control
– Quality assurance of your product manufactured in supplier logistic service
♦ Logistic Service
– On time delivery
♦ Research and Reporting Services
– Accurate and reliable information necessary to make the right decision

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Featured Products

♥ Corrugated Perforated pipe

Corrugated perforated pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to add other additives and the appearance of the corrugated new type of plastic pipe.The perforated corrugated pipe around is perforated evenly and the hole is under the trough so that the water in the soil easily penetrates the pipe and discharges the water along the pipe.

♥ Single Wall Corrugated Pipe

Single-walled high-density polyethylene spirally buried cable sheathing pipe, is made of a high density polyethylene resin modified with a carbon-based material and other materials, with a special and unique rotary extrusion molding technology to produce new single-walled spiral power cable protection pipes, excellent in chemical properties of the material, having a voltage insulation hornet, hornet toughness can withstand acid corrosion long term corrosion, long tube life and other characteristics.

♥ Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe not only has other ordinary pipe with good corrosion resistance, high insulation, smooth wall, small flow resistance and other characteristics, but also because of the use of a special hollow ring structure, with excellent ring stiffness and good strength And toughness, and light weight, impact resistance is strong, easy to damage and so on

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